Khalistani flag Displayed at satinder sartaj live concert .

Dr Satinder sartaj is well known suffi singer of Punjab . He Gives many lessons through his songs to our young. generation .recently we seen Dr. Satinder Sartaj was performing in UK’s Most Tresured Building “Royal Albert Hall”. Satinder Sartaj shared earlier that he was feeling privileged being a part of 150th Anniversary of the royalalbert hall. During satinder sartaj perform a man distolayed khalistani flag from top row .

satinder 3


on this act sikh fedration uk post with a pic of person who displayed khalistani flag and wrote .

” KHALISTAN flag displayed at the Royal Albert Hall for the @satindersartaaj concert live event. This shows the desire and love for freedom and Sikh sovereignty is both strong and diverse. Khalistan is our birthright! “.   but at the end On this act, there is no statement so far from Artist’s Management.

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