Ruckus Happened At Punjabi Singer Kaka’s Hisar Mela Show, Video Inside

During three day Hisar Mela at Haryana, some events caused the huge chaos in Flamingo club while singer Kaka was performing live on stage. Some V.I.P came in the corridor and started throwing bottles and misbehaving during Kaka’s live performance. There was less number of police, due to which crowd became unmanageable.

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Kaka’s live performance was stopped by the organisers of the show due to this incident.
This incident happened on Sunday which was the last day of Hisar’s mela. The miscreants fired firecrackers, threw and broke chairs to cause the chaos, they started dancing on chairs. Police didn’t do anything due to less number of constables.

While there was a lot of excitement between people because of Hisar’s mela , but this incident broke all of their excitement into pieces. After this whole incident crowd returned to their home but Hisar Mela burst into chaos. The reason behind this incident hasn’t been cleared yet.

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