Shehreet Sandhu Release New Song ‘Bubblegoose’, Aman Khanna Captures the Magic with Visionary Direction : Know Meaning Of Bubblegoose

Rising star Shehreet Sandhu continues to solidify his place in the music industry with the release of his new single, “BubbleGoose.” The song’s title, which refers to a jacket stuffed with a lot of padding, cleverly weaves into the main hook line, “Bubble Goose Wich Sandh Dakeya,” translated as “I Loaded Up Weapon In My Bubblegoose or Puffed Jacket.” 

“BubbleGoose” is yet another example of Sandhu’s remarkable talent as a singer. Sandhu’s unique and catchy lyrics, paired with his signature, melodic style, have already been creating waves on various music platforms. Hailing from a musical background, Sandhu has constantly experimented with his tunes, resulting in an eclectic range of melodies that resonate with a wide audience.


The mastermind behind the lyrics of “BubbleGoose” is Amar, while the music composition credits go to BXLISTIX. Produced by Jasvir Singh Bhullar under the label Barood Media, the song has started making its mark, drawing rave reviews from critics and fans alike.


Aman Khanna, the Director, and Director of Photography (D.O.P) for this project, deserves a special mention. Known for his visionary approach to filming, Khanna brought his signature blend of cinematic beauty and innovative storytelling to the “BubbleGoose” project. His keen eye for detail, along with his ability to capture the mood and essence of the song visually, played a significant role in creating a compelling and engaging music video. 


The behind-the-scenes work by Assistance Aditya, the clean and seamless editing by HQUMATT Visuals, and the eye-catching poster design by OGPXLS also added to the overall impact of the music video. Special thanks are also due to Varun Kaushal & Dutton One for their contribution to the project.


“Bubblegoose” is a testament to the artistic capabilities of Shehreet Sandhu and Aman Khanna. Sandhu’s powerful vocals, coupled with Khanna’s masterful directorial touch, have combined to produce a song that is not just musically pleasing, but also visually captivating. This latest release promises to secure Sandhu’s position as a front-runner in the music scene, and we eagerly anticipate what he will bring us next.

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