Vaar By Sidhu Moosewala : What Sidhu Actually Talked In Song “Vaar”

Punjab singer Sidhu Moosewala is very popular among people Worldwide because of his songs. After the tragic death of Sidhu, everyone was in shock as he died at a very young age & His father said in public that “there are many songs which were already prepared by my son and I will publish that all on & Will keep him alive till my last breath” ‘. However, some suspicious people leaked his song SYL, After which it was released officially and also become controversial.

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After long time since SYL, Sidhu Mossewala’s new song ‘Vaar ‘is released today on the auspicious day of Gurupurab. In just 3 hours it crossed 32 lakhs views, in this song he talked about ‘Hari Singh Nalwa Ji ‘ and what he did for our nation & Our “Panth“. Hari Singh Nalwa Ji was a very brave man and people apprehended him because of his personality & Courage.

Sidhu’s Talked about of the personality of Sikh legend Nalwa about his rich presence which make fear among Mughals and Afghanis & many boys wore salwar so that they look like a woman to save them from Nalwa’s attack. He was a commander of the Sikh Khalsa Fauj .as per the title of “Vaar” Moosewala explained the all attacks which were done by Hari Singh to protect the Sikhs.

There are only a few singers who wrote on these topics, but this was a fusion of early age story & modern era music.

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