Badshah Unleashes ‘Daaku’ from His Long-Awaited Album ‘Ek Tha Raja’ Featuring a Spectacular Tank in the Video

In a thrilling update for music aficionados, the king of beats, Badshah, has finally dropped the much-anticipated first single ‘Daaku’ from his upcoming album “Ek Tha Raja.”

A teaser that had previously set social media ablaze hinted at the grandiosity of this project, and the release has lived up to every bit of the hype. The music video, a visual spectacle, has taken creativity to new heights by incorporating a tank, revealing the song’s poster’s ambitious vision.

‘Ek Tha Raja’ has been a labor of love for Badshah, who meticulously crafted this album over time. It promises to be a landmark in his illustrious career, not just for its innovative music but also for featuring powerhouse collaborations with the likes of Karan Aujla among other prominent rappers.

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The Announcement of ‘Daaku’ catapulted the song to Trending On Twitter, showcasing the audience’s uncontainable excitement and the track continues to dominate the charts with its relentless energy.

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