Yograj Singh and Roshan Prince Extend Helping Hand at Ek Zaria NGO in Ludhiana Ahead of “Boo Main Dargi” Release

In a heartwarming display of philanthropy, renowned Punjabi cinema personalities, Yograj Singh and Roshan Prince, visited the Ek Zaria NGO in Ludhiana to support the underprivileged, just days before the much-anticipated release of their new movie, “Boo Main Dargi.”

The duo’s visit to the NGO was not just a gesture of goodwill but also a clarion call to their fans and the public to contribute towards making society a better place for the less fortunate. Their involvement with Ek Zaria NGO, known for its commendable work in assisting needy families across the region, highlights the stars’ commitment to social causes and community service.

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“Boo Main Dargi,” a film that promises to blend horror and comedy in a unique Punjabi entertainment package, has already garnered significant attention thanks to its intriguing storyline and the star power of Yograj Singh and Roshan Prince. However, the actors are keen on ensuring that the buzz around their film also shines a light on important social issues.

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