The SKM’s Strategic Pause: Delhi Chalo March Postponed

The Samyukt Kisan Morcha (SKM), an apolitical body representing farmers, has announced the postponement of its much-anticipated Delhi Chalo March. Initially scheduled for an earlier date, the march has now been deferred to February 29, 2024. This decision is seen as a strategic move by the SKM, allowing them more time to consolidate their plans and rally further support.

Video Source – Times Of India

The SKM has also announced that a joint meeting will be held on the 29th to decide the next course of action regarding the Delhi Chalo March. This meeting is expected to be a crucial one, as it will shape the future direction of the farmers’ protest. The decision to postpone the march and hold a joint meeting indicates the SKM’s commitment to a democratic process, where decisions are made collectively.

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The Delhi Chalo March is a significant event in the ongoing farmers’ protest in India. The postponement of the march and the upcoming joint meeting are critical developments in this context. As the SKM prepares for the rescheduled march, all eyes are on the joint meeting that will decide the future course of this historic protest.

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